Political Printing

Let our staff help you with your campaign! Loris Printing has supported candidates printing needs for many years. Whether your running for School Board or State Representative, we take the same time and care to make sure your needs are met. It’s not uncommon that we are working on multiple campaigns at the same time. You can rest assured your information will not be shared. We understand the amount of planning and strategies involved in campaigns, our staff will not divulge information or “tip their hat” at what others are doing.


One word of advice, get in contact with your printer early! There are many ways to help cut cost or better target the audience you are after. Our staff will be happy to work with you early to make your message more effective!


Handbills, business cards, mailers, stickers, whatever you need, we can help!




What is the Union Label?

Highly sought after for political work, Loris Printing can add the union “bug” to anything we print, upon request. What does this mean for you? The union label lets those reading your campaign material know you support local union shops. Our community has a strong union presence and one of the first things many people look for is the union label on campaign material. Our team takes pride in their work and are happy to display their union label!


It should be noted that the union bug is a registered trademark. This adds a legal dimension to material duplication, because any reproduction of the document cannot bear that label unless it is reproduced by the owner of that label. The union label is protected by state laws and printing trade customs, with penalties for misuse.


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