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Direct Mail is Adaptable - easily changed and can be used at every step of your campaign. Whether you’re focused on lead generation, introducing a new product, or just keeping in contact with your customers, Direct Mail has a role to play. Use it to send a card, letter, or brochure to engage your customers or prospects.

Direct Mail is Targeted - reach a specific group of people who are more likely to be interested in your products or services. With our list service you can target prospects by location, income, home ownership, or you can use other criteria like age, gender, or personal interests. We can even target segments within your database with different messages! You can't do that with radio or newspaper! Mailing lists can also be merged with your existing data, removing all duplicates to keep your postage costs down.

Direct Mail is Impressive - it puts your message straight into the hands of customers and prospects. You can personalize your mail piece by using your information in the database like names or birthdays to make the message unique.

Direct mail is Tangible - emails are simply too easy to ignore or many times go directly into the junk folder. Radio ads can be turned off or tuned out. Newspaper ads are expensive and readership levels are at an all time low. Direct Mail is tangible, you have captured the attention of the recipient immediately as they are holding it in their hands. Direct mail is perfect for building long term customer relationships. Whether you have created a mailer yourself or need a hand creating an effective mailer, Loris Printing is here to help! We can design, print and mail your materials.

Direct Mail is Measurable - enclose an order form or respond envelope and you’ll know just how many people respond to your campaign. You can also use online discount codes and coupons as a cost effective way to measure your success.


Loris Printing is a Full Service mailer specializing in both Marketing Mail (bulk) and First Class mail with over 1.8 Million pieces going out each year. As one of the largest mailers in Erie County, you can count on your mailing to be handled correctly. We will prepare your list using the most current mailing software, complying with USPS standards for full service and automation discounts. We have our own permits for both marketing mail and first class mail for you to use at no charge, or we can use your permit. All outgoing mail is barcoded with the Intelligent Mail barcode and sorted for fast delivery and cost savings. As a bonus all barcoded mail we prepare will have a tracking link so you can see when each mail piece has been scanned by the USPS scanners.  Just another service we offer so you have as much information regarding your mailing that we can provide.


Talk to one of our representatives early in the planning stages of your mailing to find out if there is anything that can be done to reduce your costs.  Don't forget to ask about Every Door Direct mail too! Whether you are mailing a simple post card or inserted and sealed envelopes, let us help you make your campaign a success!

Loris Printing

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