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Loris Printing

Sandusky's Premier Digital Printer



We are a leader in digital print technology! Our main production press is quite different than what you might see at most print shops. At over 22 feet long, weighing over 4,000 pounds, we can produce 50,000 full color letter sized sheets per shift. The print resolution is 2400 x 2400 dpi, producing quality that rivals traditional offset printing.

We have a second digital press to keep production at it's maximum level. It has the same print quality as it's big brother. With both presses running at capacity, we can produce over 90,000 full color, letter sized sheets per shift. There is simply no other shop in the area with that digital capacity.


Did you know we are the only shop in the area that can digitally print with Metallic Gold, Silver and Clear Inks? These specialty inks give us the ability to create custom effects like watermarks for security, metallic effects and textured or dimensional print too!


We have multiple output devices to handle any range of prints you may need, especially when you're on a tight deadline.


Who said black and white printing is dead? We produce over 4 Million black and white prints a year! Our main printer runs at a blazing speed of 135 copies per minute! Our back-up runs at 120 copies per minute. That means we can produce 255 copies a minute or over 120,000 copies per shift! Jobs that are too big for the office copier are perfect for us. We are able to move huge volumes of paper in a short time. Ask about contract pricing!

Full color or black and white envelopes are now able to be produced cost effectively and quickly. Loris Printing is always on the cutting edge, looking for cost effective ways to give our customers the look they want, at an affordable price. No longer do you need to invest in huge runs of inventory just to achieve a somewhat low cost per piece. We can handle the small runs of a few hundred or several thousand if you need. We can even address them while we are printing them!



Digital printing is much cleaner for the environment than traditional printing methods. Our digital presses use environmentally safe toners that are non-toxic and do not produce hazardous waste. Since we are not using toxic chemicals and inks, you will notice our digitally printed materials don't stink! Digital production technology reduces the potential for wasted paper by making it economical to print documents as they are ordered and in the exact quantities needed. With all the odd sizes and special trimming we still generate scrap paper. Loris Printing has an environmental program in place where nearly all scrap paper, cardboard and ream wrappers are recycled.


So you have all this stuff printed, not what? That's where a great bindery department comes in. Trimming, folding, saddle-stitched binding, coil and comb binding, perfect binding, scoring, perforating, die-cutting and drilling can all be used to complete your project in house. We have invested in the latest technology to complete your printing in the fastest, most economical way, while maintaining the quality you expect.

Loris Printing

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