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Sandusky's Premier Digital Printer


That's right, we can now fulfill your wide format printing needs up to 63 inches! The same outstanding quality you are accustomed to with your digital printing is now available in wide format. Loris Printing will never compromise quality, our Mutoh 1624x along with a 64" GFP Laminator and a 54" Mutoh contour cutter are some of the best in the industry.


Need a banner? Look no further, we use top quality 13oz, 1000x1000 denier banner material. All banners include hemming and grommets. We also offer mesh banners, perfect for sporting activities or when attaching to a fence. This material will allow 30% of the wind to pass through while showing your message at the same time! While we take every measure to supply a banner of the highest quality, we can not guarantee our outdoor banners in the wind. A full gale or strait line wind will destroy anything! (check out our Facts and Fun page for more information on banner care)


We can also mount your print on ridged substrates. Our more popular ridged substrates include foam board, gator board, Sintra, corrugated plastic and aluminum composite panel. Ask our associates which would be best for your needs. Finished prints can be laminated to prolong their life with either single sided pressure sensitive or double sided thermal encapsulation.


Along with wide format printing we also offer cut vinyl lettering, and the capability to contour cut your prints into whatever shape you need. Contour cutting is perfect for car window decals. Ask about decals for school/group fund-raisers!!


Our customers have asked and we are now proud to offer a full line of vehicle graphics. It could be as simple as a business name in cut vinyl or a complete wrap advertising your business, either way Loris Printing is your source!


Advertising studies show that vehicle graphics generate more views than billboards and are far less expensive. A typical commercial wrap can last 4 to 5 years with proper care and maintenance. Vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective form of advertising available to your business.

They offer the lowest cost per thousand impressions of any advertising medium. You are utilizing the space you already own, combine this with the fact you need to have the vehicles to operate your business and they already go where your customers and prospective customers are. It’s easy to see why vehicle wraps are the right choice!


We have recently expanded our vehicle graphics installations to our new facility located at 617 Hancock Street in Sandusky. We can handle vehicles up to 13 feet tall and 50 feet long. This location is for installations only and by appointment only so please call first!



What costs are involved with a vehicle wrap for your business? How do I understand the value in a vehicle wrap?


Vehicle wraps may not be considered a traditional form of advertising, but that’s exactly why you should consider one!


Conventional marketing plans such as billboards, radio, television commercials and even newspaper ads start adding up quickly. Consider the fact that conventional marketing strategies are also paid monthly, you’ll quickly realize just how costly each can be when you break it down to the number of impressions reached. According to a study completed by Arbitron, Inc. in 2010, the cost per thousand impressions for conventional marketing can range from just over $3.50 to more than $20. Would you believe they listed the cost per thousand impressions for a vehicle wrap to be… 35 cents! No kidding, a measly 35 cents.


When you wrap a vehicle for your business it instantly becomes a 24/7 mobile billboard. Think about how many impressions you will be generating around-the-clock! Plus you are utilizing the space you already own, and the vehicles already go where your customers and prospective customers are, it’s easy to see why vehicle wraps are the right choice. People notice graphics, our eyes are drawn to bold images and bright colors. That's why it makes perfect sense to use high impact advertising on each vehicle you own!


All this is great, but how much will it cost?


We talked about how a wrap will cost you about 35 cents per thousand impressions, but how much is the initial investment? The average commercial vehicle wrap can range from $2,500-$5,000 depending on the size of the vehicle and intricacy of the installation. When we price a wrap at Loris Printing, it will be all inclusive from design to install.


Now compare that to a billboard which can cost $1,500 – $4,000 a month in small to mid-size cities, a vehicle wrap is far more cost effective with nearly the same initial cost and a life expectancy of 4 to 5 years (many last longer). Not to mention it's in front of the audience you want, not stuck along some road you are hoping people are traveling!


At Loris Printing we base pricing on the amount of square footage we’ll be wrapping. We also look at the condition of the paint, how much cleaning is required, complex curves or unique areas that may require more install time and also if any hardware removal is necessary.


As stated above, on average, printed wraps last 4-5 years when properly cared for. When you consider the total cost of a wrap, then break it down to cost per month, the math starts to make even more sense. Let’s say you wrap just one company vehicle with the cost being $3,500.00. Let's use the low end of leaving it on for 4 years before updating the look and re-wrapping it, the thousands of impressions you’re generating each month cost less than $73.00! What other effective means of advertising costs so little while producing so much?


Let's recap why you should consider a vehicle wrap!


      1 - Wraps are the least costly, most effective form of advertising today.

      2 - Wraps are a one-time investment which will continuously reach your target audience.

      3 - Many wraps cost less than $75/month when broken down over its lifespan.


Ready to discuss your very own mobile billboard? Call and talk to one of our wrap specialists and learn how Loris Printing can help!


Loris Printing

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